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Laptooooop, why are you randomly turning words into links? It's really irritating! Any advice?

I saw some Alpacas today. Next to a Roman ruin. It was awesome - they walk like victorian ladies! Also the ruins were pretty good too. :)

There is a weird, delicious sweet smell emanating from somewhere. I WANT ALL THE DELICIOUS SWEET THINGS. All I have is Vergil, and he is neither sweet nor delicious, he is just dead.

...You know you've missed my posts. :D

Also - should I go to a Pompeii lecture tonight or not? That is literally all I know about the lecture, it could be something really boring, plus I went to a fabulous lecture on Pompeii with Andrew Wallace-Hadrill last term and you really don't get much better than that. Also it is effing FREEZING outside - my hands genuinely started to hurt after maybe 2 mins of exposure this morning at 8.30am.

ALSO ALSO - Reading Uni now make their third years do a recorded, spoken assessment on a dissertation chapter, which they are referring to as a VIVA. Whaaaat third year VIVAs?! That is WEIRD. Also, harsh, poor third year friends! This is on top of the Autumn 10% of dissertation mark presentation of terror. Eesh.

I don't foresee me leaving my lovely bed anytime soon. Tumblr it is!

Dec. 11th, 2011

I have been an occasional grump bucket of late, so I am going to do a post of upcoming happifying things!

* Ignoring two shouty customers at work this morning (completely unjustifed shouting at that!) today has been pretty brilliant. I spent an hour and a half with the housemates catching up and procrastinating, had beans and toast donated to me as a ridonkulously late brunch, then did an hour's worth of Latin when they both left for paid work (Reu) and M.A editing (Jen). 9 lines of Apuleius done, I don't even know how many to go... no rush though. Then I had mister Joey Jones over and we cooked nommy butternut squash, red onions and mushrooms with pasta, followed by ice cream and chocolate buttons, coupled with Constantine, which is one of my favourite films. Actual perfect evening. :)

* On Tuesday I am going Christmas shopping with Ruth. I hate Christmas shopping, but it'll mean an entire day of Ruth instead of our usual hour before my Thursday Latin lesson. Food and films at mine afterwards.

* Potential house meal after work on Saturday, as it's the last evening I'm free before...

* CHRISTMAS IN CAMBRIDGE! I am home from the 22nd to the 29th somehow, without having booked any time off. Well, I arranged the days, but no holiday was taken. This year it's just going to be me, Ben, mum and Steve - though I'll miss the extended family, it is not worth the hassle of Nana's boyfriend and my Uncle's rubbish girlfriend. Family tiiiimes! Plus two full days of my nephew before he, Daniel and Kate go up to the frozen North for Christmas.

* Mark lives in Cambridge, so we are having at least one Cambridge day during this holiday week, with a potential Betsy as well. The plan so far is for him to initiate me to his favourite Cambs pubs, for me to show him the Cast Gallery if it's open, and general frolicking and merriment.

So yeah, happy times. Also, I randomly got a rather large cheque from the Inland Revenue, despite having already claimed tax back this year. I am both delighted and suspicious of them saying 'lolz whoops we'll be having that back' at a later point. NO TAKE BACKS, REVENUE.

Tell me of your happy things, flist? :)

Nov. 29th, 2011

Psst. I am contemplating the possiblity of doing a part time Masters - pipe dream at the moment, and I would have to apply for 2013 entry due to the IMMENSE COST of a Master's course but still. A Masters is suddenly what I massively want to do for the next few years, instead of just going into the PGCE right away. Plus, it would be mega beneficial FOR the PGCE as it'd mean at least one extra year of Latin and Greek, maybe two if they let you take it uncredited for the second year. What are your thoughts Lizz anyone who reads this? :)

I say this having translated 48 lines of Apuleius today and, while wanting to smack him in his corpsey face, still loving my subject.
I am TIRED. Tiiiiiired. I have put off getting into bed until now, which is pathetic as I managed a mere 5 mins in my room before clambering under the covers!

Today has been good and also knackering. I haven't even done that much, but I am sharing because it's been a decent day. :) I had work in ze morning (why am I cursed to always work on the weekends?) followed by an hour's overtime as Makro was mental today - when I left each till had a queue around 5 people deep, which is unheard of in a wholesale store. Then I rushed home and then met Jen in town for Spoons roast dinner, instead of the planned Oakford roast dinner. As lovely as it is having a food local and a bar local (Global Cafe, which has introduced me to such glories as organic coke) that are complete hippy fests, it can be annoying when there are hippy distractions, such as french cinema randomly in the middle of the pub. o.0 Anyway we lurked around eating free cake as it was the Spoon's 15th birthday - FREE CAKE DAY! Jen has a snazzy new...I don't even know what it is, it's new fangled and an Apple product, but regardless it has a D and D style app on it, and we spent a while killing things and being mauled by feral wall creepers before Tom whisked Jen away and I returned to my chilly home.

I had intended to do Latin all evening but no, no I cannot be doing that, as my mind is melting and I am not even entirely sure what's going on in Apuleius at the moment. So I managed 8 and a half lines before coming here to share my news with the world. :) Now I shall stalk tumblr, probably read fic then SLEEP before mega Latin times tomorrow, followed by Makro overtime. Yaaay adult life, which is exactly the same as my University life, but with added bills and no loan...

ETA Jen and Reu just hung out in my room for an hour and they came baring more spoons free cake, AND leftover Spoons cheesecake. I am in my happy place.

Whoops, this somehow became mopey...?

My chest is all heavy and my throat hurts - the former implies asthma days are coming (to the tune of holidays are coming, but with much less joviality) and the latter is just painful. I managed 40 minutes of Tacitus this morning before giving up and flopping into Reuben's bed with him and Jenny. They are both out now, and I am tired and want hugs. Instead, I have ordered pizza, because I haven't eaten in very close to 24 hours, have been a prat about food for nearly a month now, and my current weight while on my time of the month is frankly alarming. But yeah, first time ordering take away with no one to eat it with, I feel like I've stepped over a social hurdle!

I had to cancel my Latin 3-5pm as I feel rubbish, so I have a whole evening ahead of me for fic and tumblr, yay! Except god, boring. Usually I would stalk Betsy and Mark but they are third years and have stupid dissertations to worry about, grr. Holding out on them potentially being free this evening though, we have Castlevania 4 (the SNES version, holy excitement!) to complete, after all.

If I don't magically find a boyfriend or a girlfriend soon, I'm going to start having to break up all the couples I know so that I can at least gain some solidarity. Never mind that the only couples I actually know are my housemates plus the aforementioned Betsy and Mark, they won't mind too much, right?...Exactly.

Can I please go back to yesterday, which involved London, Assyrian art and all the things that I love?

Things and stuff.

First thing's first - go and vote for my friend Mike's pitch, it's some kind of film competition where you take a Biblical theme and play around with the concept. Mike's is obviously the best yo. You have to register and then watch 6 other pitches, but they are only 2 mins long so doooo iiiiit. :) http://www.enterthepitch.com/1318547520.pitch


* I've been in Reading for just over two months now, and it's all going well. I have a part-time job in Makro which I don't hate, at least!

* I am drowning in Latin. A2 is having to take a bit of a backseat because the head of Classics at Uni is letting me sit in on Latin 4, which means 120 hours of Latin for free this year. o.0 I am so lucky! It's bloody difficult at times, but I'm enjoying it mostly.

* I've reconnected with old Uni friends and made some new ones. This pleases me.

* I was a muddy Roman for Halloween.

* I have not been home in the aforementioned two months. Possibly the longest I've ever gone without being in Cambridge.

*I literally have no other news. o.0
Internet! Internet in my house!

Apparently Glee and Supernatural have started at some point in the two months I've been without regular internet. I shall devour them with my eeeeeeeeyes. Soon. Now I have to get ready for my second work shift of the day. Real update later, maybe. :)

News, I has it!

Bullet point entry, as always.

* I got my AS level Latin results on Thursday morning. I actually entirely forgot about them in the excitement of Reuben's first day at work (more on that later), but I remembered just before me and Jen went out (more on THAT later) and after drowning in a mass downpour, we got back to Tom's around 1pm and I had an email telling me I'D RECEIVED AN A, HELLZ YEAH! On both papers. :) An 84 in Prose and Verse, a 95 in Language. These are all out of 100. I am pretty fricking delighted. Now, onto A2! I haven't done any Latin in a month, I was meant to do some Vergil today but I've instead applied for Boots. It makes my lack of dedication to my dead language more justified, maybe...?

* Job applications! There are a lot more jobs in Reading than there are in Cambridge, but I am still uber scared that no one is going to give me even an interview. The reason that getting a job is suddenly so intensely urgent is thaaaat...

* I HAVE A FRICKING HOUSE. 24 Hill Street, should anyone wish to stalk me. :) From the outside it looks rather hideous, and I think we all had our reservations after being stood up on the Tuesday by our estate agents, and spending half an hour sitting on the step of the house, watching a pigeon clamber through a hole in the roof of the adjacent house, which also had a window boarded up. Also, it is on a CRAZY hill. However, when we went inside, we all fell a bit in love with it. It's furnished, for one thing. It has a nice lounge with two leather sofas, IT HAS A DINING ROOM WITH A TABLE which I will be hijacking fairly often for Latin, a relatively narrow kitchen but we'll manage, a so-so bathroom, and an awesome garden grove thing. Then on the next floor are me and Reu's rooms, both with double beds. Then Jen has the attic room (well, attic floor really - it's mahoosive). This only costs us £330 each per calendar month, and it's wonderful! Me and Jen were on Mould Watch but we didn't see any (after the bungalow, we both have a slight mould phobia) and it's all oooours. We move in on the 3rd of September.

* So as I said, Reu has a job. In Back of Beyond, which is the Spoons where me and Jen basically spent most of our University career. This excites us. :D He has a lot of hours, and has already started. I am mega proud of him <3 I hope I can get a job soon. I can't work with food and drink so I'm a bit limited. When I say I can't, I mean this literally - I can't even carry a cup of tea without my hands shaking and without having to walk at the speed of a snail. Fingers crossed that somewhere employs me and Jen? *Bites lip in terror.*

* Basically, the last week has been a mix of terror, glee, anxiety, angst and more glee.

* On Sunday, me and Soph met up for the first time on our own, like real grown ups! We explored pretty much all of the BM, I wept with laughter for about 10 mins in an Italian resteraunt, we watched Three Men and a baby/little lady and melted over the baby and Tom Selleck. Oh childhood films, you are beautiful. Also she stole my book, the crooked whore. <3