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What is up, boo(s)?

I had a two hour Latin lesson in Caversham this morning at 9.45am. Caversham is a 40 minute walk away. I went to sleep at 3am due to sexting. I'm sure the maths speaks for itself as to how little sleep I am running on! The lesson was pretty good though - last night I sat down to a 2 hour verse past paper (this is how I spend my nights these days, I'm so lame) and flailed over how horrendous it was, especially you, Ovid's Fasti, you were nasty. Yet somehow I got 77%, which is 3 marks off an A. What...just..how?! I didn't understand most of the unseen, and had to bulletpoint one of the essays as to write it properly would have made me cry with how little I had to say. Reassuring and yet omg, so much unknown vocab. Stupid A2, Uni lets you bring a dictionary in with you...

Also there has been a domestic upstairs and that was most awkward, especially as I'm revising so I couldn't subtly visit a friend or anything. I miss visiting friends damn it!

I had a lush panini earlier - butternut squash, hummus, spinach and feta? Oh god, the glory.

...Yeah, expect many entries to be like this til I finish my challenge!

To make up for it, have a song that WILL NOT leave my head. It's called Ambling Amps by Yeasayer, and it is wonderful.


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Jun. 7th, 2012 10:09 pm (UTC)
Ovid's Fasti, you were nasty -- poetic! Sorry to hear about your Latin woes, though it seems like you're better than you think you are :) When is/are your exam(s)?

Your panini sounds amazing by the way. Very jealous. And I love the Horrible Histories opener, which is definitely a phrase that should be used to open any and all conversations. Can't listen to the song rn but I shall do so when I remember :) Songs getting stuck in your head is OK, as long as they're good songs, yes?
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